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Certified Test Technician provides all the information, testing labs and problem resolution scenarios necessary to take you to the next level of your career. Both fiber optic and copper testing are covered in this very informative class.

In order to complete this course, you will need to achieve all objectives of the course outline including knowledge of relevant terms, equipment proficiency and task completion capabilities.


Class Outline:

Prerequisites - Fiber Optic Installer
Tuition: $800.00
Duration - 2 days, 16 hours
Certification - FNT

  1. Introduction to Cable Testing
    1. Need to Communicate
    2. Safety Issues
    3. Performance Issues
    4. Test/Verification/Certification
  2. Codes and Standards
    1. Standards Bodies & Regulatory Agencies
    2. Order of Authority
    3. Types of Standards
  3. Transmission Applications
    1. Premise VS Public
    2. LANs/WANs
    3. CANs/MANs
    4. Common Topologies
    5. Encoding Methods
  4. Transmission Media and Connectors
    1. Media
    2. Reading Cable Jackets
    3. Categories of Copper Cabling
    4. Coax Cable
    5. Fiber Optic Cable
    6. Connector Styles
    7. Connection Methods
  5. Defining Test Parameters
    1. Units of Measure
    2. Electrical Units
    3. Copper Cable Test Parameters
  6. Wire Mapping
    1. Identifying Wire Map Errors
  7. Electrical Parameters
    1. Dielectric Constant
    2. Attenuation
    3. Propagation Delay
    4. Impedance and Delay Skew
    5. DC Loop Resistance
    6. Return Loss and ACR
    7. FEXT, ELFEXT, Connector Path FEXT
  8. Testing Solutions
    1. Various Sources and Meters
    2. Menus and Set Ups
  9. LAB - Running and Saving Autotests
  10. Retrieving Saved Tests
  11. Fiber Optic Test Sets
    1. Simple Download Units
    2. Certifying Test Sets
    3. Converting Copper Test Sets for Fiber Testing
  12. Certification of Cabled Networks
    1. Standards
    2. Link and Channel, TIA Channel
    3. Permanent Link
    4. TIA 568A, TSB-95
    5. Gigabit Ethernet
    6. Category 5E, 6, 7, Fiber
  13. LAB - Setting up and Performing Channel Tests
    1. Setting up and Performing 100BaseT Tests
    2. Setting up and Storing Reference Data
  14. Troubleshooting
    1. Field Failures
    2. NEXT Failure
    3. Other Failures
  15. LAB - Performing All Required Tests for Standards Certification
    1. Copper
    2. Fiber

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