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    Benefits Offered Through FNT

    FNT Fiber Network Training has several special offers for those students who are interested in financial assistance. The special offers listed below can only be used for classes students attend at the FNT Training Facility in Phoenix, AZ. Review the list below to see if you are eligible for any of these special offers.

    • The Former Student discount. Any student that has previously attended a course at FNT receives a 10% discount. on all future courses. You are only eligible for this discount if your FNT certificate has not expired and is still in good standing. If eligible, this special offer will be deducted from your tuition at time of payment.

    • FNT Fiber Network Training offers 5% off tuition for multiple attendees from one company who register for the identical course, offered on the same date. To be eligible for this special offer, multiple attendees must register at the same time. In the event that only one student actually attends the course, full tuition fees will apply.

    • Any student who is a member of one or more of the following organizations may receive 5% off their tuition. To be eligible for this special offer, proof of active membership is required at time of registration. Maximum of 5% allowed per class. Final special offer approval to be determined by the Programs Administrator.

    BICSI - Building Industry Consulting Service International
    OIDA - Optoelectronic Industry Development Association
    ISO - International Organization for Standardization
    IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    NACC - National Association of Communications Contractors
    POFTO - Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization
    IEEE - Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
    ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education
    NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
    INEMI - International Electronics Manufacturing Association
    NSCA - National System Contractors Association
    SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering
    AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    IABTI - International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
    IICIT - International Institute of Connector and Interconnect Technology
    NCCER - National Center for Construction Education and Research
    FOA - Fiber Optic Association
    ABC - Associated Builders & Contractors
    OSA - Optical Society of America
    FTTH Council - Fiber To The Home Council
    ITSA - Intelligent Traffic Systems America
    ETA - Electronic Technician Association
    ASTE - American Society of Test Engineers
    TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association
    ITU - International Telecommunications Union
    EIA - Electronic Industries Association
    OES - Optical Engineering Society
    CWA - Communications Workers of America
    ANSI - American National Standards Institute
    IEC - Independent Electrical Contractors
    SCTE - Society of Cable Television Engineers
    NECA - National Electrical Contractors Association

    You may be eligible for more than one of the above listed special offers. If you are eligible for all three offers, you may receive 20% off your training. The maximum allowed is 20% off for any individual course.

    Any student that signs up for one full week of training (2 courses, 5 consecutive days) will receive 20% on their entire week of training. To be eligible for this special offer, the student must register for both courses (the entire week) at the same time. In the event that the student only attends one course, full tuition fees will apply. The maximum allowed is 20% off for any individual course. No other benefits or special offers are eligible with this offer.

    Please Note:
    FNT Benefits are available to every student. All eligibility for these special offers is subject to approval through FNT Fiber Network Training. Coupons and vouchers will always be deducted prior to any special offers.

    All past Fiber Network Training students automatically become preferred customers of Fiber Network Tools and receive discounted pricing on tools and supplies.